Energy Healer and Visionary Artist


Ali Deva Sono (McNab)

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Ali is an experienced Energy Healer. Contact her at

 to book a session

The investment for a session is £20 - £80 You choose what you can afford.

Sessions also available over Skype and Facebook video call/phone.

“On Monday I received the most powerful healing session from Ali. It was as if a piece of gentle loving magic had occurred. Clearing an old energy block. Since then I have definitely felt more ALIGNED, INTEGRATED and suddenly have a lot more CLARITY about certain situations. The process is effortless and at times blissful. Ali is a delight and the space is divine... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” H. T.

“"I have been receiving treatments from Ali. They continue to be an insightful, valuable & life changing experience. I cannot express how much it has helped me overcome many obstacles in my life, some big some small, but collectively has changed my whole perspective and outlook in an entirely positive way.

Always a welcoming, relaxing and professional experience, I would highly recommend Ali to anyone. Xxxx" F. T-C.

“"I had won a raffle prize of a session with Ali. on my first visit I was helped with the l loss of my husband I came out really happy and could look at his photos with joy instead of sadness. Since then I have seen Ali regularly and she has helped with situations from my childhood which I had brought into adult hood which I hadn’t realised had hampered me. I am a much happier person." J.T.

"… was an invaluable lifeline for me during a very dark time in my life.The gift Ali has is truly amazing, she is able to put lives "back on track" when everything seems so hopeless.I feel so lucky that Ali has been part of my life and was able to help me live my life in a more contented way .Thank you Ali xxx" N.O.

"I went to see Ali for some  therapy because I was grieving, had anxiety and felt stuck in my life generally. Just after 2 sessions I felt so different. I was able to move on with my grief and left a job I was unhappy in. My anxiety issues are now gone too. I can highly recommend Ali." I.E.

“"I have found Ali's sessions to be truly magical.  Using this modality she quickly and directly gets to the root of the issue that I am most ready to shift or release.  For me. the actual  healing occurs in a light, gentle and yet deeply profound manner - i believe - at a cellular level.  Ali holds the whole experience effortlessly and lovingly.  It is completely "normal" for divine transformation to occur" H.T.

"I have been receiving treatments from Ali on a regular basis for over 4 years, since my diagnosis of advanced malignant melanoma. This healing has helped to decrease  my fear and anxiety by replacing it with self acceptance, inner peace and strength. The sessions have become an invaluable part of the healing process because the of the holistic nature of the healing, addressing the whole person, not just the illness." E.S.

“My sessions have given me an understanding of my true self; of who I am and who I want to be .They identified to me that many of the aspirations' of my life and the pressures that were felt at the beginning of my journey were actually not a true indication of my own individual needs and that to continually strive to keep up this pace in my life was actually not rewarding to my mental, emotional and physical needs." S.K.

"I highly recommend Ali. She is deeply caring and intuitive. Her treatments left me feeling more centred, focused and at peace; full of light and love." C. Smith

"I decided to visit Ali after my father had died.  I had become very run-down, having to deal with his affairs and terminal illness for five months.  I was also trying to come to terms with my difficult relationship with him.  Ali's work rebalanced my physical body.  However, she also gave me valuable insights into childhood issues and a better understanding of how my father's attitudes had affected me.  I left the session with lots of useful things to mull over, together with a greater acceptance of who I was and that the 'path' I had taken in life had been right! " SR

“Just had the most amazing session with Ali McNab - I highly recommend that you book a session with her. 100%. skype, over the fb messenger, (whatsapp?) - really powerful energetics, combining dowsing, choice questions, inner child work, somatic experiencing, deep specific cellular communication, and energetic empowerment techniques

Ali is very compassionate, softly spoken and she is gently and extremely considerate and sensitive.

Wholeness and sustainable balanced vibrations to us ALL. ONE LOVE .” S.W.

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She intuitively merges different energy healing systems

during your one-to-one session/group session …

Deep Healing for People and their Animals.

She uses ENQUIRY techniques to connect you with your issue

at the ROOT CAUSE;


to transform the trapped energy around the issue;


and stimulating your healing connection with Gaia.

She helps you connect with your SUPPORT ‘TEAM’ who are there for you 24/7.


All of this in the colourful and magical space of the

Wivelsfield Yurt and Paradise Gardens. Life transforming.

"I have had many healing sessions with Ali.  I always admire her capacity to hold and guide the process in such a safe, contained and yet light way.  We have worked together on many deep issues that, once uncovered and transformed, release blocked energy in me, allowing me to feel more empowered, integrated and whole.

In the most recent session I was particularly impressed by how she seemingly and expertly incorporated a number of healing modalities to support the core energy work being delivered. I was carrying an old mental wound that was impacting on me physically. Her new Golden Alchemy approach enabled us to "treat" the issue in a truly holistic way. Using sound vibration, some talk therapy, conscious touch re-imprinting and colour/crystals I was easily able to assess the hurt feelings and then dissolve them with love.

Ali has much experience and is highly intuitive, she works from a place of deep understanding and  acceptance with a knowing of herself. The sessions are profound and gentle. Truly holistic." H.T.   

“Thank you so much for your heaven sent healing yesterday. Such tenderness and gentleness I haven’t come across in a long time, with such a deep and profound healing at the heart of it. I look forward to our paths crossing again.” J.

 “I just wanted to say that the way you skilfully invited J to accept help and then held her in such safety with your words moment by moment was truly incredible.” A. B.